Yoga to grow hair on bald head

Some Yoga to grow hair on bald head.Yoga for hair growth and thickness.Rubbing nails yoga for hair growth. Kapalbhati yoga for hair growth.

Rubbing nails yoga for hair growth

This Yoga is called Balayam .In this yoga we have to rub nails of both the hand against each other.

Rub five to six minutes at a time.This will pump energy to scalp causes hair growth.The root of hair connected to finger nails.

This will cure hair fall and dandruff.

Yoga for hair growth

In this yoga through both nostrils inhale and exhale air forcefully.During this stomach should be pulled and released.Daily 5 minutes do the same.It will eliminates toxin from air passage.

It will clean the mind,purify the brain and increase blood circulation to scalp.This will cause hair regrowths.

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