Hair treatment at home.

Hair treatment

  •     Mix two eggs(White part)  with lemon juice of two lemons . Apply on hair for 20 minutes . Clean and shampoo.This will reduce the hair problem.
  •      Two cup mehendi mix with one cup curd.Mix the juice of one lemon.Apply this paste before one hour of shampoo.                    

Ø Protein conditioning

Egg is the best option to provide protein to hair.

  • Take one  egg ,mix the powder of shikakai .Apply the paste on hair and clean it.Then use shampoo.
  • Mehendi is used for colouring the hair but the juice of its leaf is used to strengthen the hair.
  • We can use the mehendi with shikakai powder .
  • For oily hair do not use oil with mehendi.
  • For extreme dry hair do not use lemon juice or curd.

ØRemove the Brownness/Black the hair

Take two cups of mehendi, one cup amla powder,2-3 eggs (White part) and water.Mix it with a spoon and apply this paste for 2 hour.Clean it.Apply this process once in a week.

Ø Oily hair

Take two cups of mehendi ,juice of 3-4 big lemons,5-6 cups of curd and two egg.Mix it and apply for one hour.then clean it.

Ø Twin hair

Take two cups of mehendi ,4-5 eggs,3-4 spoon olive oil and one spoon of sugar.Mix it and apply it for 2 hour.Clean it and shampoo.

Dandruff problem solution

  • Comb hair for ten minutes .Take one spoon of glycerin and mix juice of 2 lemons.Apply it on hair roots for 15 minutes.Clean it with hot water.Shampoo it.
  • 2-3 spoons of brandy mix with one egg(white part).Apply it on hair for 15-20 minutes and wash it.
  • Take the juice of one lemon,two spoons of olive oil ,mix it.Apply it on your scalp and massage.After 2 hour shampoo it.

Ø To stop whiteness of hair

  • Eat half a cup of sprouted grams every day. 
  • Eat tablets of  vitamin B and C every day.
  • Take one cup of mehendi , amla water(From amla powder),one egg.Mix it and apply it on hair .Clean it after one hour.
  •  Take one egg and some spoon of brandy, mix it and apply on hair.After 30 minutes clean it .           

Hair fall 

It’s a natural process .It happens in your whole life.So there is no need to worry.  When the life period of one hair completes it is separated from its root and a new hair grows.Its the normal process.In this normal process every day 20-30 hair fall.

If every day more than 100 hairs fall ,it’s called abnormal.It needs treatment.


  • Lack of care.
  • Diseases for a long time.
  • Lack of cleaning.
  • Mental stress.


  • Do Not use more oil on hair.
  • Do not massage.
  • Shampoo every alternate day .Every day doing shampoo is not harmful.But using a cheap type of shampoo is harmful. 
  • Eat vitamins every day .
  • Eat sprouted grams every day.
  • Take two spoons of mehendi powder ,one spoon of neem powder,amla water, mix it and apply .After 30-40 minute wash it and shampoo.Do this 3-4 times in a week.When hair fall reduce then use this one or two times in a week.                                                     

     Aroma therapy of hair

Ø Dry hair

Shampoo once a week. Do oil massage 2-3 times in a week.

  •  Protein conditioner

Take One tablespoon of almond oil or glycerin,½ tablespoon of vinegar and 5 drops of sandalwood oil .Mix it properly and apply it on hair .Clean after ½ hour.

  •  Toner or Massage oil

Take the same proportion of coconut oil and saffron oil and mix it.Add half tablespoon of lavender oil on it.Heat it .Apply on hair roots and massage.Let it for the whole night.Shampoo in the morning.

Oily hair

Wash hair twice or thrice  in a week.DO oil massage once in 10 days.

  • Shampoo

Wet the soapberry for the whole night .In the morning, boil it properly.Add some drops of patchouli oil .Clean the hair with it.

  • Toner

Take half a glass of water ,½ tablespoon of vinegar or 2 drops of patchouli oil .Mix it and apply on the hair root.Wash it after half an hour.

Normal hair

Wash the hair 2 times in a week.Do oil massage once in a week.

  •  Shampoo

Mix 2-3 drops of rosemary oil in your shampoo and wash your hair.

  • Take one tablespoon of coconut oil and one tablespoon of rosemary oil , mix it.apply it on hair and massage.Keep the towel on your head which is wet in hot water.After some time do shampoo .
  • Dandruff
  • Dry dandruff

This is the white flakes .Because of this there is an itching in the scalp.

  • Take one tablespoon of saffron oil and one tablespoon of til oil .Mix it and heat it.Add two drops of wood oil .Apply it on scalp and massage .Wash it after half an this twice in a week.
  • Oily dandruff

This is found in oily skin.Take rose water ,add two drops of lemon oil on it.Apply it on your scalp and massage it. Let it for the whole night.Wash it in the morning.

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