Home beauty tips for face.Home made beauty tips for glowing skin.

Home beauty tips 

  • Dry skin
  • According to beauty consultant Shenaz Husain if your skin is dry then honey will be the best option.Apply honey on your face for 20 minutes and clean by fresh water .It will maintain the moisture of the skin.The skin will be smoothened.You can add few drops of lemon juice in honey and apply it for 20 minutes and clean by fresh water .It will bring shining .
  • To clean the dry skin take one spoon of cold milk and add two drops of any vegetable oil and clean the skin with cotton.You can prepare it for 2-3 days but you should not keep it in the refrigerator.
  • For smoothen the dry skin, take half a spoon of honey,one spoon of rose water and milk powder.Make paste and apply it on your face for 20 minutes then clean it with fresh water.
  • To smoothen the face, grind the banana and apply on the face.
  • To provide protein to the skin, apply the white part of egg for 20 minutes and clean.

Ø Under eye dark circle

  • To remove the dark circle close the eye and keep a cold tea bag on it.
  • Keep the cucumber slice on eye for 15 minutes.
  • Keep the potato slices on eye for 15-20 minutes and clean with hot water.
  • Take one spoon of lemon juice ,add one spoon of tomato juice on it and apply on the dark area. Darkness will reduce.
  • Make the juice of peppermint leaf and apply.It will reduce the darkness. 

Ø Pimples

  • Mix Powder of java plum seed and rose water and make paste.Apply it on face upto it dry then clean with fresh water.
  • You can Mix Two small spoon tomato juice and one small spoon honey apply it on your face .Clean it after dry.
  • Mix the juice of basil leaf, neem,and Coriander and apply it on your face for 15 minutes and clean with fresh water.

Ø Stains

  • Rub a lemon slice or its juice ,keep it for the whole night .Clean it in the morning with fresh water .It will remove the stains and the skin will shine.
  • Take one slice of tomato, add lemon juice on it and rub it on your face .Clean it after dry.
  • Add the lemon juice ,Glycerin and rosewater with the same proportion and apply it daily at night .It will remove the blackheads,stains and pimples.  

Ø Wrinkles

  • Take one spoon of egg (White part),mix tomato juice or lemon juice in the same proportion.Apply on your face.
  • You can Take one spoon of milk powder ,one egg (White part) and half spoon of honey.Mix it and apply on your face for 15 minute.
  • Take one spoon of Radish juice and mix one spoon of butter with it . Apply it on your face for 20 minutes,Then wash it.
  • Take 30 ml of Cabbage juice and mix one spoon of honey with it .Apply it on your face.This will remove the wrinkles.

 Ø Allergy

  • Take one tablespoon of lemon juice and mix sandalwood paste with it.Apply on the affected area.
  • Aloe Vera can be used to avoid burning.
  • Mix baking soda with java palm juice and apply.
  • Papaya pulp can be used to avoid allergy.

Ø Normal skin

  • Take half an orange or tomato and make  juice . Mix two tablespoons of curd with it.Apply it on your face and massage .Let it dry.Clean it with water and let it dry.This will bring a shining face.
  • Apply the papaya pulp on the face and let it dry.clean it with fresh water.This will bring shine.You can apply the papaya peels .
  • Apply half cup of Cabbage juice on face.Clean it with fresh water.This will avoid wrinkles.
  • Take one carrot, make juice .Apply it on your face and let it dry.Clean it with fresh water.
  • Apply the Peel of APPLE as a cleanser .
  • Take a piece of ice and rub on your face.It will improve the beauty of skin.
  • Apply the egg(White part) on your face.Let it dry.Clean it .This will avoid wrinkles.
  • Mix one tablespoon of honey with half of banana and apply on your face.This will act as a moisturiser.

Ø Oily skin

  • You can Take two tablespoons of raw milk,2 tablespoons of cucumber juice or lemon juice and apply it on your face .Let it dry.Clean it.
  • Take 2-3 spoons of fenugreek seed .Wet it in water at night.
  • In the morning make the paste and apply it on your face.Clean it after dry.
  • This will remove the black heads and oil from face.You can store the paste in the refrigerator.
  • Take half of the cucumber, make juice and apply on your face.

Ø Combination skin

  • Take 3-4 spoons of multani mitti.Mix the paste of leaf of peppermint with it. Keep this face pack in the refrigerator for the whole night. In the morning take out from the refrigerator and keep outside for 15 minutes.Now apply it on your face.Clean the face. It will keep the face clean.

Boil the lemon grass leaf in one liter of water. 

Keep this in the refrigerator.

When it will become ice rub on face,It will clean the dirt and open the pores of skin.

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