Home tips for growth of hair.Home tips for healthy hair.Hair growth tips for home remedies.

Hair tips

  • Avoid the habit of use of any product.Use the product according to your hair.
  • If your hair is oily then do not use the brush repeatedly.Because of brush the gland actives and more oil secret.The hair looks more oily.
  • Before  using any shampoo or lotion  First rub on hand and then apply.
  • If the hair is dry then use the egg with oil .It will be helpful.

Ø Long Hair

  • If the hair is disturbed and you want to brush,then arrange the hair by finger first then brush.
  • Use a long hair brush.
  • Use brush for dry hair only.Donot use brush for wet hair.Otherwise hair becomes weak.
  • Before use brush, divide the hair in a small group.
  • Try to use a wooden comb.
  • Do Not stretch more during brush.
  • Dry your hair in a natural way.Do Not use a hair dryer.
  • Do Not use the hair roller daily.It will harm the hair.

Dry hair & Oily hair 

  • For dry hair Take coconut / olive/almond oil and heat it lightly .Apply it once in a week.
  • If the hair is dry then use a light conditioner before shampoo.It will remove the dryness.
  • For dry hair use creamy or conditioner shampoo.If the hair is more dry then use conditioner separately.
  • Clean the hair 3 times for oily hair.Clean 2 times for dry hair.


Dandruff causes If the hair is not clean properly or after shampoo if cleaning is not proper.Then shampoo is deposited on the scalp and causes dandruff .

  • Mix egg(white part)and lemon juice.Apply it on hair root.After one hour clean it with warm water.We can use Multani mitti or gram flour also.This will remove the dandruff.
  • You can Mix curd or egg with Mehendi and apply on hair.This will remove dandruff.
  • Mix curd with gram flour and apply it on hair root.After one hour clean it.
  • Mix  2 tablespoon of coconut oil with one tablespoon of lemon juice .Apply it on hair root and massage.After 3-4 hour shampoo it.

Ø Healthy hair

  • If you have more hair fall – Take one cup curd,4 tablespoon multani mitti or triphala powder ,juice of half lemon .Mix it and keep it for the whole night .Apply this in the morning . Clean it with cold water after one hour.Apply this once in a week.Hair fall will reduce and hair becomes healthy.
  • Mix lemon juice in coconut oil and apply.Massage it.
  • If working in sunlight then use a hat or scarf .Use a deep conditioner.
  • Every two month trim the hair.

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