For better result how to know what your skin tone is.How to find perfect foundation match for your skin tone.

What is skin tone?

This is the color of the skin surface.

What is skin undertone?

This is the shade behind the skin.

How to Identify?

There are three types of skin tones.Light,Medium and dusky.Jawline is the best area to identify skin tone.

How to know what your skin tone is

Because this area is having less discoloration.Wash your face properly and examine your jawline area in natural light.

Types of undertone-Warm, cool and neutral.

How to identify skin undertone?

It can be discovered by vein test.Vein color will indicate the types of undertone.

Cool- Vein color will be blue or purple.

Warm- Vein color is Green .

Neutral-Blue ish or green ish.

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