Some home remedies for glow and fair skin and glowing skin secrets.

Some Glowing skin secrets

Oil massageFacial massage with argan or ground nut oil.It relieves the tension in
face skin.It improve blood circulation and also nutrient circulation.
It stimulate skin and tissues.
Drink more waterIt keeps the skin hydrate and causes natural glow.
Eat proper nutritious foodIt avoid acne,pimple and blister.You should avoid oily,spicy,packaged and processed food.
Sleep wellMinimum 8 hour sleep can avoid skin breakouts,dark circle,dark complexion.
Sun screenUse sun screen to avoid tan freckles.

Home remedies for fair skin

Fruit pack
Milk & Honey packTake one table spoon of both, mix and apply on face.
Coconut water
Rose water
Lemon juiceApply lemon juice to lighten dark spot and blemishes.
Turmeric and Lemon juiceOne table spoon of turmeric mix with 3 table spoon of lemon juice and apply.
It helpful for dark skin.
Egg packApply on face and let it dry then clean it.
Tomato and lemon juice pack
Cumin seeds.
Yogurt pack
Gram flour
Aloe vera
Coconut oil ,milk

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