How to remove dark circles at home naturally.How to remove dark circles overnight.How to remove dark circles permanently.

MethodsProcess to use
Cold tea bagUse it as a compress,by soak it with clean water.
Vitamin E oilMassage the dark circle area with this oil and leave it up to morning.
Cold compressApply cold compress up to 10 minutes.Use it twice a day.
Eye MassagerUse eye massager with eye cream.
MoisturizerApply two times daily.
Skin brightnerTake advice from doctor and use it.
Eye creamTake advice from doctor and use it.
Allergy medicineConsult to doctor if the dark circle is because of allergy.
MeditationProper exercise and meditation avoid dark circle.
Sleeping methodTry to sleep on your back .
Sleeping timeMinimum 8 hours.
Alcohol consumptionReduce it.
SalmonEat salmon and walnut.
TurmericMix pine apple juice with turmeric and apply on dark circle for 10 minutes.
Coconut oilApply it and rub and leave it up to morning.
CucumberTake cucumber slice and place on eyes for ten minutes.
Rose waterUse it as a toner.
TomatoesMix tomato juice with lemon juice and apply on dark circle.
Lemon juiceMix cucumber juice and lemon juice and apply.
Potato juiceUse the juice for 10 minutes.
Orange juiceAdd glycerin to orange juice and apply.
Drink more waterLess salt consumption and drink plenty of water.
laser treatmentConsult to doctor
Face washWash your face correctly.
Make upRemove eye make up properly.

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