Know about types of Skins and identify your skin type.

Normal skin.

The texture of normal skin is very fine.Its surface is very soft and velvety . It has a proper balance of Oil and moisture.Its looks very clear.There is no stains.There is no black mole. Very few people have this type of skin.

Dry skin

It looks dry.In this skin lines and wrinkles appear  very soon. There are more chances of cracking and peeling of this skin.This because of less secretion of Sebum from oil gland.As the dry skin absorbs the moisture this type of people looks old very soon.

Types of face skin
Types of face skin

Oily skin

This is because of over secretion of sebum from oil gland.Upper layer of this skin becomes oily.Because of oil on the skin ,dust deposited, causes black head spot,and pimples.

Combination skin

In this type of  skin both dry and oily areas are found .T zone (Forehead,nose and chin)found slightly oily. 

Sensitive skin

Texture of this skin is very fine.This type of skin always affected by outer environment i.e Hot or Cold.Outer layer of this skin is very thin in which nerves are visible.This type of skin damaged by makeup shop,facial,sunlight,cold,wrong pack.This type skin should be take care properly in house or parlour.

Dehydrated skin

This skin is like Dry skin because of deficiency of moisture .The  outer cell of this skin unable to hold moisture.Inner layer also having very less moisture.Because of this there is a dry spot on the skin.If this type of skin is not taken care then wrinkles come soon.

Sallow skin

There is no glowing in this skin.It is because of deficiency vitamins,iron..etc.It depends upon different countries also.

IN this the new cells developed and old cells are removed.Because of this the skin becomes sallow.

Matured skin.

The  texture and colour of the skin changes, as age increases.Old age appears early.  The upper layer of skin becomes thick and rough.It oppose the reaction of moisture.Wrinkles or line appear.It reduce the fickleness

Blemished skin

This is because of sunlight ,applying chemicals on the face.This skin requires treatment.Before that reason needs to be found.

Scaly skins

Epidermis separation from skin is called scaly skin.Some time it looks like dust.It is because of some environmental factors.

This is causes irritation on skin.Some time infections occures.

Red spot skin

Red spot occures on the skin because of allergy,infection and immune disorder.

Skin with Mole

Black moles appears on the skin from childhood.If it’s size is changing then consult to doctor.

Skin diagnosis

The beautician needs to inform the client that his/her skin is what type of skin and what is the texture. Along that need to inform about other problems.To observe magnifying glass can be used.

  Ways to Observe skin.(Types of skin test)

  • Test with tissue paper.
  • Litmus paper.
  • Soap test·  
  • Foundation test.

Tissue paper test for skin type

Before test

Clean your face with proper cleanser in the morning.Dry it with napkin.Don’t apply any face product for one hour.

How to test

Take a clean tissue place on face and spread it.Now check the tissue and identify your skin type.


If oil found on tissue paper your skin is oily skin.

If flakes found on tissue then skin is dry.Your skin will be combination skin if T shape oil found on tissue.That means cheeks found dry.If nothing found on tissue its a normal skin.

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