Types of face skin problem and its treatment.Identify skin problem and cure it.

Face skin problem
Face skin problem

Skin disorders and Treatment.


  Pimples are a serious adolescence problem.It appear on the cheeks,forehead and nose.It appears in youth.A special skin care is essential to guard against pimples.

  • Use of sulphur soap is effective in keeping the oil gland clean.
  • Multani mitti pack is effective to control the pimples.
  • Do not peel the pimple.It causes permanent marks.
  • It can be cured by daily intake of a spoonful honey mixed with sulphur powder. 
  • Take steaming  once a week.


This is the common disease of the skin.Which is always found in young boys or girls. This is because of grow of texture  .This is more during puberty.When sex hormons increase , oil secretion from sebaceous gland causes more bacteria on skin. Due to more sebum on the skin ,black head pimples rise causing infection on the skin.

You should never neglect these diseases because due to this stains increase.


Clean the face with medicated soap two to three times in a day.To stop infection we should apply cream or lotion on the face. Along with we should do  treatment for stains.

We should eat fruits and green vegetable .We should avoid eating of oily food or spicy food.We should exercise in fresh air in the morning.We should always keep our lever always healthy

Black heads

This is always found in oily skin.This occurs when oil or dirt enter into the small hole of the skin.

To avoid this we should keep the skin always clean.

White heads

This is also strong as black head.These are looking like pearls in the depth of the skin.Here the texture of the skin is very fine.

To avoid this we need to eat green vegetable and we should avoid oily or spicy food.Every day we need to drink 8- 10 glass of water.If lemon is added to water then it will be more beneficial.

We should not remove the white head by pressing it .We should clean the skin in such a way that the sebum cannot grow the  white head.


It causes scaly patch.This due to hormonal change.If we don’t cure it then it leads to acne.It also occur in oily skin area like face,side of the nose,eyebrows area.

It can be self cared by using medicated Cream/lotion.It require repeated treatment.


This is found in fair skin.The spot/stains found in skin when the skin is exposed to sunlight.We can cure this by some products.We can self avoid it by avoiding sun exposure.


Hyper pigmentation causes the darken of skin.Pigments are responsible for skin colour.It is due to excess production of melanin.

It is due to Lever problem.It is  also due to  repeated abortion,mental illness.


It is a common problem  like  pregnant women.It is the dark and brownish patches on skin.It is found in forehead  ,nose, upper lips and chicks.It is due to hormonal changes also.

Some vitamin and cream required to cure it.Consult to doctor for cream or vitamin.


It is the flat or little raised brown patch.It is due to sunlight.This is the common problem over the age 40.

It is due to pigmented cells produced from ultraviolet radiation of sun.it can be cured by surgery.


It is due to deficiency of melanocytes or pigmented cells.It leads to loose skin colour.It is a genetic disease.

It cannot be cure.Some time it disappears on its own.

Darkness under eye

It can be due to heredity.Hormonal changes,aging effect,mental stress,incomplete sleeping,nutritional deficiency.It can be removed by Cold compress,extra sleep,proper nutrition.

Superfluous hair

It is due to hormonal inbalance.It is the Unexpected hair in any portion of the body .It can be at any age.


It also a skin disease.It is the dead cell of skin.It damage the hair growth.It damage the hair shining.Oil therapy helps to reduce the dandruff.

Medicated shampoo can reduce the dandruff.Herbal product also help to reduce the dandruff.

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