Types of hair.

Oily hair.

Oil glands make the Scalp  oily.When the oil glands overactive the skin and hair become oily.Because of this the disease of scalp rises. Hair looks oily and also dust deposited on the scalp causes dandruff.

Dry hair

When oil glands are not working properly then skin becomes dry . It occurs because of sunlight, shampoo,dye perming.These stopping the oil secretion on the scalp.

Normal hair

In this hair there is a proper ratio of oil and moisture.It is essential to take care of this hair every time.


Hair whitening

When age increases hair becomes white. Due to Nervous shock also hair becomes white.Due to more diseases also hair becomes white.It also genetic.Smoking is also one of the reasons. Due to more stress also hair becomes white.

Hair fall.

  • Stress
  • Dandruff
  • Improper food.
  • Improper care.
  • Internal diseases.
  • Imbalance hormone. 


This is the common problem of hair.This is the scalp disease and related to hair fall.This is because of dry skin.White flakes found on the scalp.In this the old skin is removed and new skin rises.It causes hair fall and itching.

This is due to

  • Imbalance food.
  • Less Blood circulation.
  • Bad habit.
  • Dirty pillow cover.

It is of two types.

  • Dry dandruff
  • Oily dandruff


  • Ozone therapy.
  • Hair therapy.
  • Mehendi.
  • Herbal shampoo.
  • Heena.

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