MethodsMaterials requiredProcessColour achieved
Lemon juiceLemon juice,Spray bottleSpray lemon juice on hair,spread it by comb.
Expose to sun lite.Sun kissed colour will be achieved.
HennaHenna powder,Water,Coconut oil,PlasticMix 1/2 cup henna with 1/4 cup of water.Leave it for
12 hours.Wash hair and apply coconut oil before apply it.
Because it can stain skin.
Now apply on hair and wrap by plastic for 2 hour.
Now wash it.

Carrot juiceCarrot juice,coconut oil or olive oilMix the carrot juice with coconut oil and apply on hair.
Reddish orange colour will be achieved.
Reddish Orange
How to make natural black hair dye at home

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