Learn how to manicure at home naturally in few simple steps.

Material Required for manicure

Cut/File/PolishHand SoakScrub
Nail cutter/Nail Filer/ Nail PaintDeep dish or Tub,
Honey and Lemon Juice.
Olive oil,Sugar,Lemon Juice

Steps-How to manicure at home naturally

1- Nail CleaningFirst clean the nail with soap.
Remove the nail polish by remover.
2-CutAfter cleaning cut the nail and provide required shape.
3-FileRemove the edges by file.
4-SoakFill the tub with hot water.Add honey(2tbsp) and Lemon(1pc).
Soak your hand for 5 minutes.
This process is for soften the nail.
After soften clean the dead cell from root of nail.
5-ScrubFor home made scrub,mix sugar(2 tbsp),Olive oil(1/2 tbsp) and Lemon juice(1tbsp).\
Scrub for 2 minutes.
Wash it off.
6-PolishApply Nail Polish.For More details Click here.

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