Question-What are the 4 skin tones? Answer-Skin tones are often categorized into four broad categories based on the Fitzpatrick scale.

Here are the four main skin tone categories:

Type I (Light Skin):

Individuals with Type I skin typically have very light or light-coloured skin.

This skin type is prone to burning and rarely tans.

Additionally, individuals with this skin type are more likely to have light-coloured hair and eyes.

Type II (Fair to Light-Medium Skin):

Type II skin is characterized by a fair to light-medium complexion, with a tendency to burn at first and a gradual tanning effect.

It may also be characterized by light hair and light eyes.

Type III (Medium Skin):

This type of skin is characterized by a medium complexion, with an olive or light-brown hue.

It is prone to tanning and rarely experiences burns.

The hair and eye colour of this type can vary, but is typically brown.

Type IV (Medium to Dark Skin):

Type IV is characterized by medium to dark skin colour, usually with a deep brown undertone.

It rarely burns or tans easily.

It is most common in people from Africa, Mediterranean or South Asian nations.

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