Question-What are the 6 skin colors? Answer-Skin colors are Fair,Light,Olive,Tan,Dark and Medium.

Skin colour can vary greatly from person to person, depending on genetics, environment, and location.

There are many different shades and nuances of skin colour.But there are usually six main types of skin colour that can be used to describe the range of skin tones.

6 skin colors

Fair skin:  

  • Fair skin is typically very light in colour, often with cool undertones.
  • It is more prone to sunburn and may have less melanin, resulting in a lack of natural protection against UV radiation.


  • Light skin is slightly darker than fair skin but still relatively pale.
  • It may have warm or cool undertones and can vary in its sensitivity to the sun.


  • Medium skin tones are often described as “wheatish” or “olive.”
  • They can range from light tan to moderately dark and are generally more resistant to sunburn.


  • Olive skin tones have warm, yellow or green undertones.
  • This skin tone is often associated with people of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or South Asian descent.


  • Tan skin is moderately dark and typically develops a golden-brown hue after sun exposure.
  • It has a good amount of melanin, providing some natural sun protection.


  •  Dark skin tones are rich in melanin and can range from deep brown to ebony.
  • They provide excellent natural protection against UV radiation . But can still be vulnerable to skin conditions like hyper pigmentation.

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