Question-What is Indian skin tone? Ans-Indian skin tone is highly diverse and encompasses. A wide range of colours due to India’s rich cultural and genetic diversity.

It is important to note that Indian skin tone is a broad concept and can vary significantly from person to person. 

The predominant skin tones are often categorized into four major groups:

Types of Indian skin tone

Fair  to  Light:

 Some individuals have fair to light skin tones, often with cool undertones. They may be more common in northern regions of India.


Many Indians have medium skin tones with varying undertones, such as warm, cool, or neutral. These skin tones are prevalent across the country.

Olive to Tan:  

People with olive to tan skin tones are often found in regions with higher sun exposure.

Deep to Dark:

 In southern and eastern regions of India, people commonly have deep to dark skin tones. These individuals have richly pigmented skin with warm undertones.

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