Some FACIAL TONING EXERCISES FOR A FIRMER LOOK are Cheek Lifts, Forehead Firmer, Jaw line Define, etc.

Cheek Lifts:

With your lips closed, smile as big as you can and feel your cheek muscles start to lift.

Hold that smile for a second and then let it go.

Forehead Firmer:

Place your fingers just above your eyebrows.

Pull down gently while trying to raise your eyebrows.

Resist the movement with your fingers.

Jaw line Define:

Lift your head back and stare at the ceiling.

Gently chew like chewing gum.

Feel the stretch of your jaw line.

Eye Squeeze:

Close your eyes and squeeze them shut tight.

Hold your eyes closed for a few seconds, then relax.

Do this a few times.

Neck Stretch:

Do the neck-stretch by tilting your head back and looking up at the ceiling

Pucker your lips like you are kissing.

Hold for a few seconds and repeat.

Fish Face:

To make a fish face, you need to suck in your cheeks.

Hold for a few seconds and release.

Lip Exercise:

Purse your lips together.

Smile with your lips pursed.

Hold for a few seconds and release.

Tongue Stretch:

Stretch your tongue as far out as you can.

Touch it to your chin and hold it there for a few seconds.

Hold this for a few moments and relax.

Consistency is a key with facial exercises, so try to incorporate them into your daily routine.

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