Learn Pedicure at home.


Steps for Pedicure

  1. Remove nail polish by remover.Give shape to nail as per client by filer.
  2. Take warm water in a pot,where the foot can dive.Keep hot water besides,so that you can mix it if warm water is cool.
  3. Mix baking soda of two spoons in warm water.
  4. Mix two spoons of shampoo .
  5. Two spoons of salt.
  6. Mix little activator powder(Remain in bleaching).If not available then mix hydrogen peroxide.
  7. Apply cream (any) on every nail.
  8. Keep your feet in that mix water for 10 minutes.
  9. Take a manicure tool,remove the dead skin of the nail root.Push the skin of nail root upward.
  10. Take a manicure brush ,clean the nail,finger,and top of the foot by applying a little shampoo on it.
  11. Clean it with a dry towel.
  12. Scrub from ankle to knee for 5 minutes.Donot scrub on top of foot and finger..
  13. Apply massage cream from finger to knee and massage it for 30 minutes.
  14. Massage should be proper,otherwise skin will loose instead of tightness.
  15. Massage by circling on the whole Foot.
  16. After massage, clean it with warm water.
  17. After dry(after 10-15 minutes) apply nail polish.

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