Waxing face

Learn waxing face at home.Waxing face hair.


Material required- 

  • Sugar (Eight part)
  • Lemon(One part)
  • Mustard oil (One part)
  • Water(two part)
  • Glycerin(Little required)


      Heat it for 40 minutes.

How to test for ready to use-

  • Take a cup of water ,put little wax into it .If the wax is deposited below and looks like a pearl it’s ready to use

When it becomes brown remove it from flame and add a little glycerin.Let it to cold.

Waxing method-

  1. Apply powder towards the direction of the hair roots.
  2. Apply wax towards the direction of the hair roots.
  3. Wax paper or thin cloth sticks on it by pressure.
  4. Pull the paper against the hair root direction with a jerk.
  5. Clean with warm water and massage by cream

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