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  1. Cleansing
  2. Scrubbing
  3. Massage
  4. Face massager-Electric
  5. Black head removal
  6. Gel
  7. Pack
  8. Polish Cream/Serum



  1. Cover head and hair with cotton.
  2. Apply cleanser in the total face and also in the ear and neck .
  3. Massage  for 2-3 minutes.Massage is normal, always bottom to top of the face.
  4. Watch video for practical.


It removes dead cells and brings brightness.Always use a scrub of small particles.Don’t use hard particles.It should not enter into eyes.


  1.  Apply on the face including ears and neck.  
  2. Massage for  2-3 minutes.(Normal Massage-Always bottom to top) .
  3. Scrub on the nose and lower lip bottom part properly. Because this area has more black heads.
  4. Always rub smoothly.Don’t rub very hard.
  5. Clean by cold water and cotton.
  6. Watch video for practical.


       Cream selection  is important for the face.Select Cream according to age,skin type,wrinkle or pimple face.


  • Apply cream on forehead,cheeks,neck and ears.Massage always from bottom to top.Neck to top.
  • Massage for 15-20 minutes.
    • Cheeks-15 times.
    • Lips-15 times
    • Nose -15 times.
    • Eye – 15 times.
  • Round one- 15 times all Parts & Round two- 15 times all Parts.

      Watch video for practical.

Electric massage/Vibratory massage

Black Head removal

            Remove black head by black head remover.

Watch video 


            Apply GEL on the whole face.Don’t use water.Normal Massage for 5-6 minutes.Don’t wash.


         Apply bottom to Top.Leave it for 15 minutes.When it dries, clean it properly.

Polish cream/SERUM

Apply it for 15 minutes.Always apply it from bottom of the face to top ,that is cheeks to forehead.

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