Which yoga is best for hair growth

Which yoga is best for hair growth?Yoga for hair growth and thickness.Exercise for hair growth and thickness.

Yoga for hair growthHow to doBenifits
Dog pose-Down ward facing(Adho mukho savasana)Step-1-Take a yoga mat and Stand on all four knees and palm.
Step-2-Make inverted V shape with your body rising on feet.Slowly move your leg back.
Step-3-Knees and hand should straight.Abdomen should pushed inside.
Step-4-Stay for 5 long breaths.
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Sufficient blood flow to head causes recover hair folicles and scalp.This helps hair growth.
Head stand(Sirsasana)Stand on your head perpendicular to the floor.Stable and maintain on this pose for few seconds.
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Causes sufficient blood flow to head.Reduce hair loss,baldness and hair thining.
Thunderbolt pose-VajrasanaSit on your heels by kneel down.Take a deep and long breaths up to 30 second.
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Release tension and stress.
Shoulder stand-SarvangasanaLie down on yoga mat.Raise your legs and back up.Rest your body on shoulder.Maintain this pose for few seconds.More details.Helpful for thyroid which causes hair loss.
Camel pose-Forward bending(Uttanasana)Stand straight,close legs.Lift arms up,take a deep breath and bend forward to touch the yoga mat without exhaling.Hold this positions for few seconds.More details.Causes relax of muscles and blood flow to head.
Camel pose-Back bending(Ustrasana)Click here for how to do.Helps better digestion causes control hair fall.
Rabbit pose-(Sasangasana)Click here for how to do.It stabilize hormones.
Fish pose-(Matsyasana)Click here for how to do.Causes strong and healty hair.
Wind relieving pose-(Pavanmuktasana)Click here for how to do.Healthy stomach.
Nail rubbing-(Balayam)Click here for how to do.Blood circulation to scalp.
Stomach thrust-(Kapalvati)Click here for how to do.Helps oxygen supply to head.

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