Which foods help hair growth? What foods help hair loss? Which food helps to grow hair faster?

BarleyHelp blood flow to scalp to survive the folicles.
BeansContain Vitamin-B,Protein and Zinc.
EggsProvide vitamin-D,biotin and iron.
AlmondThicken hair and helps new growth.
Brazil nutsProvide selenium that boost hair grow.
SoybeansProvides spermidine that promotes hair growth.
AvocadoRetain moistures and provide natural oil.
Fatty fishProvides omega-3 fatty acid.
MeatRich in protein helps the folicles to become healthier.
GuavaProvide vitamin C.
OystersRich in Zinc.
StrawberriesProvides anti oxidants.Protects hair folicles.
MangoImprove stem cell production in body.Increase hair growth.
Sweet peppersProvide vitamin-C.Anti oxidant.
SalmonRich in omega-3,keep hair supple.
Sweet potatoRich in beta-carotene.
Sun flowers seedsSource of zinc,helps for folicles recovery.
SpinachContain folate and iron.Responsible for healthy blood supply to hair.
Green peppersProvide vitamin-C.

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