MethodsHow to APPLYResults
ICE cubeWrap an ice cube and place
it on pimple for 5-10 minutes.Apply twice a day.
Reduce size and redness.
Lemon juiceSoak lemon juice by a cotton and place it on Pimple.Dry the pimple.
GarlicRub garlic on pimple.Anti viral,Anti Oxidant,anti fungal.
Cucumber maskGrind it make a mask.Apply it on pimple.Let it dry.It clean dirt and Bacteria.
SteamingYou can expose the pimple to steam.Pimple ripen faster.
Tea tree oilSoak the oil by cotton and place it on pimple.It has anti bacterial properties.
Tooth paste
(Doctor don’t recomend)
It reduce the Pimple size.

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