16 Different homemade tips to grow hair faster ,longer and thicker.

Products/MethodsHow to useResult
LemonApply on scalp for 15 minutes then shampoo.Responsible for healthy scalp.
Onion juceBlend onion and squeeze out the juice.Apply on scalp for 15 minutes and then shampoo.Onion is rich in sulphur that causes collagen production in tissue.
Green teaBoil the green tea bag and use the tea on head.Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it.It has anti oxidant properties that causes stronger hair.
Coconut milkTake fresh coconut milk,add lemon juice of one lemon,add 4 drops of lavender oil.Apply it on scalp.Wash it after 4-5 hour.Rich in iron,potassium and fats.
Fish oilConsult to doctor to consume.Improve hair density and diameter of hair.
Egg maskMix an egg with olive oil and honey nad make a mask.Apply it on scalp and leave it for 20 minutes then wash.Healthy hair.
ViviscalYou have to take pill daily.(Consult doctor first)Reduce thining hair.
FenugreekGrind it and add water,make the paste.Apply on scalp for 40 minutes.Luscious hair.
GinsengConsult doctor for any side effects,then consume.Stimulates hair follicles.
Amla-Indian gooseberryMix amla powder with lime juice and apply.Prevent hair pigmentation.
Apple cider vinegarMix it with warm water and massage on scalp for 2 minutes and wash it.Maintain pH balance.
MassageMassage your scalp with finger tips.Move finger tips in a circle on scalp.Massage up to 4-5 minutes.Improve blood circulation.Causes hair growth.
Rosemery oilAdd this oil to shampoo,conditioner or any carrier oil and massage for few minutes.Promotes hair growth.
Geranium oilAdd it to carrier oil and apply on scalp.Hydrate and restore hair.
Aloe veraYou can use pure aloe vera gel or shampoo.Reduce dandruff.Soothes the scalp.Open the hair follicles.Conditions the hair.
Coconut oilApply after hair wash.Reduce protein loss from hair.

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