Fruits for beauty.Vegetables and fruits for glowing skin.Fruits and vegetables for skin whitening.Fruits and vegetables good for skin and hair.

Vegetables and fruits are effective to maintain beauty. These are also inexpensive.

Fruits For Beauty


DRY skin

If you have dry skin,Take a banana mash it and add a spoonfull of rose water and two drops of glycerine.

Store this mixture in fridge. Apply it on face before makeup for half an hour. Wash it with luke warm water.

OILY skin

Take an apple peel it and chop it.Apply it on face like a paste.Leave for half an hour.Wash it .

Apple is nourishing for the skin.

For Attractive skin

  • Peel an Orange.Boil the pulpy part in clean water for fifteen minutes.Strain it.Use it as a lotion.Your skin will be velvet-soft.
  • Raspberry juice is an effective cleansing lotion.
  • Water melon absorb heat from skin.

Vegetables for Beauty.



  • Lemon is effective for oily skin and hair,black spot.


  • Carrot juice can be used as a lotion.


  • Used for cleansing.


It can be placed on eye or rub on face for beauty aid.

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Vegetables and fruits for glowing skin

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