How to remove dark circles around eyes home remedies?How to remove dark circles overnight home remedies?

Causes of dark circle1-Less sleeping
4-Eye allergy
5-Nasal Allergy
6-Sun Exposure
7-Makeup product
Herbal Product to avoid dark circle1-Cucumber
2- Milk
3-Aloe vera
4-Oilve oil
5-Almond Oil
6-Coconut Oil
7-Apple cider vinegar

How to Apply herbal product to remove dark Circle

ProductsMethodDurationInterval for apply
Aloe veraApply it under eyes and massage it for few seconds.Leave it for 10-12 minutes and clean it with moist cotton.Once a day-Before going to Bed.
Coconut OilApply it around the eye and massage it for few minutes.Leave it overnight.Every night before going to Bed.
HoneyApply a thin layerLeave it 10-20 minutesOnce in a day.
CucumberKeep a thick slice of cucumber in refrigerator for 30 minutes.Keep it on Eye.Keep it for 10 minutes and clean with cold water.Twice a day.
Jojoba OilApply it on affected area of eye.Massage it for 1-2 minutes.Leave it overnight and clean it in the morning.Everyday before going to bed.
Almond OilTake few drop apply and massage it gently.Leave it overnight and wash in the morning.Every day.
How to remove dark circles around eyes home remedies
How to remove dark circles around eyes home remedies

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