How to make face wash at home?Natural homemade face wash.

How to make face wash at home

Face wash

 Aroma therapy  

This is used to improve the beauty of the face.It also gives relief from pimples and wrinkles.Some essential oil and toner used in this process.Which are natural and organic.

Caution- Never use the essential oil more than 10 drops.Use toner- rose water on face. 


Mix properly 5 drops of Chemoline ,5 drops rose water and little glycerin and apply on the face.

Mix 5 drops of chemoline ,5 drops rose water and little Shea butter and apply on the face.

It will reduce the dryness of skin.

     o   Normal skin face wash-moisturiser

Mix properly 5 drops of Lavender oil  and 5 drops of   lemon oil or Jojoba Oil .Apply it on your face.After some time wash will increase beauty. 

Toner– ….?

Moisturiser-  Mix  3 drops of Wheat germ oil  with Cocoa butter and apply on the face.

o   Oily skin face wash- moisturizer

  Mix 5 drops of peppermint oil  with 5  drops of spirit .Apply  it on the face.Oiliness will reduce.

Toner-Use  Aloe Vera.

Moisturiser– Use the mixer of JOJOBA OIL and lemon Oil (5 drops each)

o   Sensitive skin-

                     Mix 5 drops of palm rose oil and 5 drops of proskin oil .Apply it on your face for 5 minutes.Then wash it with hot water .Skin will become smooth and attractive.

o   Pimples

Mix properly 6 drops of bergamot oil ,7 drops of tea tree oil ,5 drops of jojoba oil or lavender oil .Every evening massage with this on pimples or apply.After 20-25 minute clean it.It will cure Pimples. 

o   Sunburn skin

Mix 2 drops of peppermint oil 10 drops of lavender oil ,7- 10 drops of cold water .Apply it with cotton or hand on face or neck.This can be  applied for escape from sunburn during summer.

o   Caution

It’s important to take care of aroma products.

  • Close the cap after use.Otherwise oxidation will be there.
  • Clean your hand before use.Other wise it leads to infection.
  • Keep away from sunlight.
  • Do Not use essential oil during pregnancy.
  • Once used it.After 2 hour you should come out .

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