How to  Cure of Pimple at home?

  •   Apply the lemon juice by cotton on the face.Mix six tablespoon of water to powder of multani mitti . Make it paste and apply it on the face .Clean when it dries.
  • ·  Two tablespoons of Multani mitti and ½ table spoon of turmeric powder .Make it paste. Apply it on your face. Clean after half an hour.

   How to  Cure of Pimple at home?

How to cure pimple at home?

·   Mix one tablespoon of papaya pulp,1/4 tablespoon turmeric powder , two tablespoon multani mitti and apply it on your face .It will help to remove the black spot.

·   Mix half spoon of multani mitti ,one tablespoon of talcum powder ,one tablespoon of rose water , 4 drops of glycerin and 4 drops of lemon juice.Make the paste . Apply it on face for ½ hour and clean it.By regular use we can remove stains.

We can avoid stains by using a mixer of ½ tablespoon of  multani mitti and 3 tablespoons of orange juice.

We can remove the stains by using the paste  of two spoon multani mitti ,one spoon of honey, two spoon of orange juice.

Mix the two tablespoons of multani mitti ,one tablespoon of powder of orange peel, one spoon gram flour,1/4 tablespoon turmeric powder ,one tablespoon rose water and one tablespoon raw milk. Make the paste. Apply it regularly on your face. It will avoid wrinkles.

Mix ½ table spoon multani mitti ,one tablespoon cucumber juice and  one big spoon potato juice .Make the paste.apply it on your face regularly.It will help to remove the lining below your eyes.

Apply the mixer of orange peel powder and rose water or raw milk on the face and nose before sleep. It causes shining of face and removes the stains.

The peel of pomegranate works as a scrubber .By scrubbing this on face/skin dirt can be removed.

The pulp of apple peel can be applied to bring smoothness of skin.

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