Face massage at home.After the cleansing it can be done.Choosing the massage cream is most important .It is different for different skin.

For normal skin or oily skin any cold cream can be used.If the skin is dry then use vitamin cream.

Facial massage

Face massage at home
Face massage at home

Advantages of face massage

  • Skin improves, wrinkles removed.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Muscles tone up.
  • Natural oils maintained.
  • Help to grow new cells.
  • Improve smoothness .
  • Removes Dirt/Old cells.
  • Body and mind relaxed.


  • General strikes
  • Uplifting the cheeks.
  • Scissor stroke
  • Circling the corner of the lips
  • Circling the lips.
  • Iron out the laughter line.
  • Lapring the tip of the nose.
  • Iron out the bride of the nose.
  • Roll patting  with one finger.
  • Roll patting with the three fingers(Cheeks).
  • Patting 
  • Pinching 
  • Cupping
  • Japanese strokes
  • Closing

Eyes massage

  • Circling her eyes.
  • Vibration with one finger.
  • Patting the eyelids with the ring finger.
  • Lifting the eyebrows within inder finger.
  • Pinching the eyebrows.
  • Cupping the eyes (Vibration)hast.
  • Closing.

Forehead massage

  • Vibration   
  • Friction.
  • Sagging
  • Topping
  • Hopping
  •  Iron out

Lower Jaw   

  • Flapping
  • Ariss
  • Cross
  • Pinching
  • Japping
  • Cupping
  • Iron out

Neck Massage

  • Butterfly
  • Vibration
  • Friction
  • Kneading
  • Cupping the shoulder.
  • Iron out the shoulder.
  • Circling the hope at the neck
  • Iron out shoulder blade.

Practical-Face massage steps

There are different methods  of Face massage.

  • Slow massage

Hitting and vibrating the skin slowly.The skin is pressed lightly. Start this process from the neck and move upwards.This is Slow Massage.

  • Massage by Pressure

In Pressure massage Pressure is applied by finger tips.

  • Fast Massage

In fast Massage Half of the palm is used to massage speedly.It is a quick way to remove wrinkles.

  • Massage by Pinching.

In Pinching massage skin is massaged by pinching, i.e skin is held between thumb and finger for pinching.

It removes wrinkles.it is effective for double chin.

  • Massage by Stroking

The skin is stroked with the help of tips of the finger .Chubby chicks are stroked.

  • Massage by Kneading.-

Face is pressed with the help of a folded finger .It is also good for wrinkles.

Vibratory Massage/Face massager

By vibratory massager Both hair and skin can massage.It increases the blood circulation.It stimulates nerves.It relieves tight muscles.It decreases stress.

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