• Stress should be maintained.
  • Never smoke.
  • Avoid sun exposer.
  • Reduce bath time.
  • Maintain diet.
  • Regular exercise required.

Home remedies for daily skin care

Almond oil face massageTake 4-5 drops of oil and massage using a stone roller for 10 minutes.Responsible for circulation and lymphatic drainage.
Aloe vera and honey face mask.Take 2 table spoon of cold aloe vera gel and 2 table spoons of honey.
Mix it and apply on face and neck.After 30 minutes wash it.
Increase hydration.
Reduce irritation.
Yogurt and cucumber face maskGrind cucumber and take 2 table spoon mix with 1 table spoon of cold yogurt.Appy it for 30 minutes and wash it.Cooling
Turmeric,besan,rose water face packAdd 2 table spoons of besan ,half spoon of turmeric powder and rose water.Mix it apply it on face and neck.After one hour wash it off.Reduce oil in skin,keep skin calm.
Saffron ,raw milk and sandal wood face mask.Mix 3 table spoon of sandal wood with 2 stands of saffron and 4 table spoons of cold raw milk.Apply it for 1 hour.Remove dullness and brighten the skin.

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