Face whitening tips at home naturally.Bleaching face at home naturally.Home made face bleach.Best natural bleach for face.

Bleaching face at home naturally

(Caution-Using any product for bleaching, you should test it by applying little on neck.)

Best natural bleach for face.

These are the best natural product for homemade bleach-

Saffron,Sandalwood,Gram flour,turmeric,lemon,milk..etc

Some process of Bleaching face at home naturally

  1. Material required-One tablespoon of Yogurt and Little turmeric.Add both and make a paste.Apply it on face for 15 min and wash it.You Can repeat this process daily.
  2. Mix distill water with one table spoon of lemon juice and use as a toner.
  3. Mix gram flour and rose water and apply on face.
  4. You can mix sandal wood with honey and apply.
  5. Mix Potato juice with lemon juice and honey and apply it for 15-30 minutes.

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