How does dry skin look like? Answer-Dry skin has certain visual characteristics that distinguish it from well-hydrated skin.Here’s how dry skin typically looks.

Here’s how dry skin typically looks

Flakiness:  Flakiness is a skin condition characterized by the shedding of small, dry patches of skin, particularly on the surface.

Tightness:  Dry skin can feel tight, like it lacks elasticity and flexibility. It can be especially noticeable after a shower or when exposed to the dry environment.

Rough Texture:  The texture of the skin may become coarse and uneven.

Redness:  Dry skin can sometimes appear red or irritated, especially in areas where the dryness is more severe.

Dullness:  Dry skin often lacks a healthy, natural glow and can appear dull or lacklustre.

Fine Lines:  Dry skin can make fine lines and wrinkles more visible.

Itching:  Dry skin can be itchy. Scratching may lead to redness and irritation.

Cracks or  Fissures:  In severe cases, dry skin can develop cracks or fissures, which can be painful and may even bleed.

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